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ISO 9001 certification is our speciality. If you require assistance, our knowledgeable experts have your back – whether it is your initial certification or you require help with maintaining or upgrading your existing system. We offer either a once-off service or ongoing support. Our extensive experience spans over several decades, having aided organizations both locally in New Zealand and internationally with optimising their operations, quality assurance, and ISO 9001.

No Lock-in Contracts


Fast and Effective

Reasonable Fees


Big or Small Projects

No Lock-in Contracts

Reasonable Fees


Fast and Effective


Big or Small Projects

How we can help:

Develop New Systems

We offer assistance in developing an ISO 9001 System and navigating the certification process, including writing procedures, manuals, forms, and quality policies.


Implementation & Training

To comply with the standard’s requirements, you need a documented and implemented system. We can provide support and training to help staff learn the policies and procedures, and handle the required paperwork.

Ongoing Maintenance

To maintain your certification, regular maintenance such as internal audits, risk assessments, and site inspections is necessary. We can help with this by conducting periodic visits as frequently or infrequently as needed.

Attend External Audit

External audits can be tricky and take up a lot of time. If we have developed or maintained your system, our consultant can handle most of your external audit to make the experience less stressful.

Internal Audit

An ISO certification requires an annual internal audit to be conducted. If you lack internal resources or would appreciate an objective perspective for potential enhancements, we can perform the audit on your behalf.

Gap Analysis

In case you already have a system or components of a system, like policies, procedures, or forms, we can assess whether you presently meet the ISO 9001 requirements or identify areas for improvement.

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ISO 9001 Consultants

What is ISO 9001?

Having a system for managing quality is necessary for organisations to meet their quality objectives for their goods and services on a consistent basis.


ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems which can be audited against externally by an independent certifying body. The standard includes analyzing customer needs, creating processes to fulfill those requirements, and continuously enhancing those processes.


Originating from military standards, ISO 9001 is applicable to businesses of all sizes and industries. It has international recognition.

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What we do

New Systems: For businesses without ISO 9001 certification, we will assist you to implement a system and get certified.

Improve Existing Systems: If your system is currently certified but is outdated or ineffective, our team can refurbish or upgrade it.

Internal Audit or Gap Analysis: If you need help with any specific task, or have recently failed an audit, we can help.

Ongoing Maintenance: We can do the maintenance and upkeep of systems, such as risk assessments, internal audits, and site inspections, we offer cost-effective rates and can schedule visits as often or little as needed.

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Value for Money Services

Compared to other ISO professionals our rates are highly competitive.


We strive to maintain low fees to demonstrate the ongoing value of our services to clients, whether it be for one-time assistance or continual support.


Anything we do is backed by a warranty and you are ensured quality, as we are ISO 9001 certified ourselves.


Thanks to our network of practitioners, we possess a huge range of experience in ISO certification.

ISO 9001 Our Approach

Our Approach to ISO 9001 Systems

Our team of professionals prioritise ensuring that your ISO system operates efficiently and effectively with minimal hassle.


We tailor your system to your organization’s needs, ensuring its relevance and dynamism. Our systems are appropriately sized for your organisation and audit-ready at all times.


For many businesses, hiring full-time ISO professionals is not financially feasible. We provide an alternative – specialised assistance to manage and maintain your ISO system, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on your core business activities.

ISO 9001 Business Improvement

Benefits of having ISO 9001 Certification

The primary objective of ISO 9001 systems is to regulate all quality-related processes and ensure that all pertinent business inputs comply with requirements. The outcome of this is exceptional products and services, and satisfied customers.


The standard mandates methodical tracking and validation of process outputs. The corrective measures taken in response to this leads to decreased defects, thereby enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and cutting costs in the long run.


ISO 9001 certification also serves as a potent marketing tool and opens new business prospects where ISO certification is required by clients.

Experienced ISO 9001 Consultants

Productivity Management Services is a leading provider of ISO systems maintenance services across the nation.


Our team can assist your business in achieving or maintaining ISO 9001 certification. With extensive experience in the quality business, we now offer our services in the UK and Australia as well as New Zealand.


Thanks to our vast pool of practitioners and comprehensive range of assistance programs, we possess the most experience and offer the most extensive assistance programs in the industry.

Achieving ISO 9001 certification can provide access to new opportunities or tenders that were previously unattainable. Numerous companies or government agencies mandate that their suppliers possess ISO 9001 certification.