About Productivity Management Services

Productivity Management Services is the NZ subsidiary of the Australian Productivity Council. The business is a descendant of the Productivity Groups Movement, a voluntary association of business members formed in the middle of the last century to improve efficiency in areas of mutual interest.

1. Foundations

Productivity Management Services (NZ) was formed in 2003 and is a division of the Australian Productivity Council. Since our formation we have grown our client base, and we are now one of Britain’s best known service providers in the fields of quality, safety and environmental systems management.

2. Our Company

Productivity Management Services (NZ) is a consultancy helping British businesses with compliance and certification. We are leaders in implementing and maintaining ISO management systems for quality, safety and environment.

3. Our Mission

Getting more, from less. This is the prime objective of productivity improvement. How well it is achieved determines the profitability, and ultimately the survival, of every business operating in a competitive economy. Productivity improvement is challenging work. It demands both generalist and specialist expertise. It requires independent and innovative approaches to the design of organisations, processes and products.